1. Hon. Salima Farid -Chairperson

2. Hon. Yusuf Shekala

3. Hon. Faith Kombe

4. Hon. Fatuma Abadada

5. Hon. Mariam Argamso

6. Hon. Osman Haji

7. Hon. Said Godana


The welfare Committee is mandated to take care of the well-being of the Members of County Assembly so as to ensure that they are comfortable, contented and able to deliver their functions effectively. The well-being of Members includes good health, security and interests. In accordance to Section 26 of the Employment Act 2007, the welfare Committee shall;

a) Consult with the County Assembly Service Board to provide a conducive working environment to Members in terms of office space, cleanness of Members’ offices and maintenance of the Chamber.

b) Advice and give recommendations to the Speaker concerning provision of welfare to Members in terms of medical insurance and the general wellness of Members.

c) Inspect, control and supervise welfare arrangements for Members.

d) Ensure that the safety of Members comes first during field trips.

e) Ensure that primary welfare such as clean water, clean restrooms, medical supplies and first aid kit are provided to Members when required.