1. The Speaker as the Chairperson
2. The Deputy Speaker as the Vice Chairperson
3. The Leader of the Majority Party
4. The Leader of the Minority Party
5. Not more than six Members nominated by Assembly parties and approved by the House
1) Hon. Michael Justin Nkaduda -Chairman
2) Hon. Saddam Hussein -Vice Chair
3) Hon. Ibrahim Salah Adomow
4) Hon. Abdi Ergamso Gobu
5) Hon. Sauda Loda
6) Hon. Mahmud Gabo
7) Hon. Bonaya Salim
8) Hon. Masha Boru
9) Hon. Fauzia Sadik
10)Hon. Rhoda Raha
The Committee shall;
a) In respect to House Business
i. Prepare and if necessary from time to time, adjust the Assembly calendar with the approval of the House;
ii. Monitor and oversee the implementation of the House business and programmes
iii. Implement the Standing Orders respecting the scheduling or programming of the Business of the House and the functioning of the Committees of the House
iv. Determine the order in which the reports of Committees shall be debated in the House
v. Take decisions and issue directives and guidelines to prioritize or postpone any business of the House acting with the concurrence of the Leader of the Majority Party of the Leader of the Minority Party, as the case may be; and consider such matters as may from time to time arise in connection with the business of the House
b) Consider and report on all matters relating to these Standing Orders
The Committee may;
a) Propose amendments to these Standing Orders and any such amendments shall upon approval by the House, take effect at the time appointed by the House.
b) Propose rules for the orderly and effective conduct of Committee business and any such rules, shall upon approval by the House, continue in force until amended or repealed by the Assembly.