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The County Assembly of Tana River was convened on March 22, 2013 after swearing in of members and election of the Speaker of the County Assembly.

Title: Governance and Functioning of Tana River County Assembly


Tana River County, is one of the coastal counties,it is a diverse and culturally rich region. Its governance is vested in the hands of the Tana River County Assembly, which plays a crucial role in local decision-making, legislation, and oversight. Comprising 15 elected Members of County Assembly (MCAs),15 other nominated MCAs along with key figures such as the Speaker and the Assembly Clerk, this assembly serves as the local legislative body, shaping the county’s destiny. In this article, we will delve into the structure, departments, and functioning of the Tana River County Assembly.

The Tana River County Assembly Members

The Tana River County Assembly is made up of 15 nominated and 15 elected Members of County Assembly, each representing a specific ward within the county. These MCAs are elected through a democratic process and serve as the voice of their respective communities in the legislative process. Their primary responsibilities include proposing and debating bills, scrutinizing the county budget, and advocating for the needs and concerns of their constituents. The MCAs play a pivotal role in the development and governance of the county.



The Speaker Hon OSMAN GALOLE is a critical figure in the Tana River County Assembly. Elected from among the MCAs, the Speaker presides over assembly sessions, maintaining order and ensuring that debates are conducted in a fair and respectful manner. Additionally, the Speaker casts a tie-breaking vote in the event of a deadlock, symbolizing the importance of their role in the assembly’s decision-making process.

The Assembly Clerk – Abdulahi Dayib

Abdulahi Dayib, as the Assembly Clerk, is responsible for the administrative functions of the assembly. His role involves managing records, maintaining order during assembly sessions, and providing administrative support to MCAs. The Assembly Clerk ensures that the assembly operates efficiently and that all records, including minutes of the proceedings, are accurately maintained.

Departments within the Tana River County Assembly

The Tana River County Assembly operates various departments, each with its specific functions. These departments contribute to the smooth functioning of the assembly and help it fulfill its mandate:

  1. Hansard Department:H.O.D Mdm Mollian The Hansard Department is responsible for recording and transcribing all the proceedings in the assembly. This department ensures that an accurate and verbatim record is kept, preserving the history and decisions of the assembly.
  2. I.T. Department:H.O.D Mr Makorani Tsaele- In the modern age, information technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining administrative processes and communication within the assembly. The I.T. Department manages the assembly’s technological infrastructure, ensuring that MCAs and staff have the necessary tools to perform their duties efficiently.
  3. H.R. Department:H.O.D MR Ahmed – The Human Resources Department oversees the recruitment, welfare, and development of the assembly’s workforce. This includes hiring, training, and managing the assembly’s employees, making it an essential part of the assembly’s ability to function effectively.
  4. Budget Department:H.O.D Mr Ibrahim DidoThe Budget Department is responsible for the financial aspects of the assembly’s operations. It plays a key role in the preparation and scrutiny of the county budget, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately to address the needs of the people of Tana River County.
  5. County Assembly Clerk Assistants Department: This department assists the Assembly Clerk in various administrative tasks. It ensures that the office of the Assembly Clerk operates smoothly and efficiently.



To be the leading Assembly in the Republic in ensuring accountable, equitable and effective delivery for the people

Ensure accountable, equitable and effective service delivery for the people of Tana River County.

The County Assembly of Tana River is built on the following values, which act as guide in its work for and with the people of Tana River, the Republic of Kenya, and the International Community.

  • Honesty