The Hansard

The official report of the proceedings and debates of a legislature in the Commonwealth of Nations parliaments which, though not strictly verbatim, is substantially the verbatim report with repetitions and redundancies omitted and with obvious mistakes (including grammatical mistakes) corrected, but which, on the other hand, leaves out nothing that adds to the meaning of the speech or illustrates the argument.


FileFile size
pdf 2021.07.28 No.78 July 28th 2021 p.m.451 kB
pdf 2021.07.27 No.76 July 27th 2021 p.m.310 kB
pdf 2021.07.27 No.75 July 27th 2021 am479 kB
pdf 2021.07.07 No.73 July 7th 2021 p.m.338 kB
pdf 2021.07.06 No.77 JULY 28TH 2021 am353 kB
pdf 2021.07.06 No.71 July 6th 2021 p.m.179 kB
pdf 2021.07.06 No.70 July 6th 2021 am180 kB
pdf 2021.06.30 No.69 June 30th 2021pm569 kB
pdf 2021.06.30 No.68 June 30th 2021 am18 kB
pdf 2021.06.30 No.67 June 30th 2021 am19 kB
pdf 2021.06.29 No.66 June 29th 2021 am10 kB
pdf 2021.06.23 No.65 June 23rd 2021pm659 kB
pdf 2021.06.23 No.64 June 23rd 2021 a.m.526 kB
pdf 2021.06.22 No.63 June 22nd 2021 pm330 kB
pdf 2021.06.22 No.62 June 22nd 2021 am378 kB
pdf 2021.06.16 No.61 June 16th 2021pm562 kB
pdf 2021.06.16 No.60 June 16th 2021 at 2.30p.m311 kB
pdf 2021.06.16 No.59 June 16th 2021am296 kB
pdf 2021.06.15 No.58 June 15th 2021 at 2.30p.m326 kB
pdf 2021.06.15 No.57 June 15th 2021 am504 kB
pdf 2021.06.09No.55 ) June 9th am283 kB
pdf 2021.06.09 No.56) June 9th pm179 kB
pdf 2021.06.09 No.56 June 9th 2021pm179 kB
pdf 2021.06.09 No.44) June 9th am283 kB
pdf 2021.06.09 No.37) June 9th pm179 kB
pdf 2021.06.08No.54) June 8th pm354 kB
pdf 2021.06.08 No.53) June 8th am574 kB
pdf 2021.06.08 No.43) June 8th pm354 kB
pdf 2021.06.08 No.42) June 8th am574 kB
pdf 2021.06.02 No.39) June 2nd pm179 kB
pdf 2021.06.02 No.38) June 2nd am302 kB
pdf 2021.05.05 No.41) May 5th am394 kB
pdf 2021.05.05 No.40) May 5th am268 kB
pdf 2021.05.04No.49) May 4th am394 kB
pdf 2021.05.04 No.50) May 4th am268 kB
pdf 2021.05.02 No.52) June 2nd pm179 kB
pdf 2021.05.02 No.51) June 2nd am302 kB
pdf 2021.04.28 No.48 ) April 28th pm22 kB
pdf 2021.04.28 No.47) April 28th pm184 kB
pdf 2021.04.28 No.36) April 28th pm184 kB
pdf 2021.04.28 No.35) April 28th pm22 kB
pdf 2021.04.28 No.34) April 28th am312 kB
pdf 2021.04.27 No.33) April 27th pm309 kB
pdf 2021.04.27 No.32) April 27th am118 kB
pdf 2021.04.21 No.45) April 21st pm134 kB
pdf 2021.04.20 No.46) April 20th pm180 kB
pdf 2021.04.20 No.45) April 20th am573 kB
pdf 2021.03.26 No.23) March 26th pm6 kB
pdf 2021.03.24 No.31) March 24th pm310 kB
pdf 2021.03.24 No.30) March 24th am549 kB
pdf 2021.03.23 No.29) March 23rd pm143 kB
pdf 2021.03.19 No.16) March 9th am419 kB
pdf 2021.03.17 No.28) March 17th pm158 kB
pdf 2021.03.17 No.27) March 17th am315 kB
pdf 2021.03.16 No.26) March 16th pm6 kB
pdf 2021.03.16 No.25) March 16th am273 kB
pdf 2021.03.14 No.13) March 2nd am151 kB
pdf 2021.03.12 No.24) March 12th pm457 kB
pdf 2021.03.12 No.22) March 12th am291 kB
pdf 2021.03.12 No.21) March 12th am141 kB
pdf 2021.03.10 No.20) March 10th pm155 kB
pdf 2021.03.10 No.19) March 10th 2021 pm264 kB
pdf 2021.03.10 No.18) March 10th am24 kB
pdf 2021.03.09 No.17) March 9th 2021 pm291 kB
pdf 2021.03.03 No.15) March 3rd pm146 kB
pdf 2021.03.02 No.14) March 2nd pm 2387 kB
pdf 2021.02.24 No.12) February 24th pm280 kB
pdf 2021.02.24 No.11) February 24th am397 kB
pdf 2021.02.23 No.9) February 23rd am142 kB
pdf 2021.02.23 No.10) February 23rd pm436 kB
pdf 2021.02.17 No.8) February 17th pm126 kB
pdf 2021.02.17 No.7) February 17th am150 kB
pdf 2021.02.16 No.6) February 16th pm254 kB
pdf 2021.02.10 No.4) February 10th pm141 kB
pdf 2021.02.10 No.3) February 10th am142 kB
pdf 2021.02.09 No.5) February 16th am143 kB
pdf 2021.02.09 No.2) February 9th pm478 kB
pdf 2021.02.09 No.1) February 9th am155 kB