Acts Of County Assembly

An Act is a Bill approved by both the County Assembly. It creates a new law or changes an existing law.

FileFile size
pdf 2020 TRC Supplementary Appropriation(No.2) Act231 kB
pdf 2020 TRC Inuka Fund(Ammendment) Act660 kB
pdf 2019 TRC Persons With Disabilities Act1,012 kB
pdf 2019 TRC Older Persons Act654 kB
pdf 2018 TRC Ward Bursary Fund Administration Ammendment Act94 kB
pdf 2018 TRC Ward Bursary Fund Administration Amendment Act124 kB
pdf 2018 TRC Supplementary Appropriation Act133 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Water and Sanitation Services Act578 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Transport Act554 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Trade Licencing Act445 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Supplementary Appropriation Act240 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Sand Harvesting Act317 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Public Participation Act1 MB
pdf 2017 TRC Petition to County Assembly Procedure Act106 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Microfinance Act425 kB
pdf 2017 TRC Livestock Grazing Control Act1 MB
pdf 2016 TRC Village Polythechnic Act522 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Village Polytechnic Act555 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Supplementary Appropriation Act236 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Service Delivery Co-ordination Act (2)598 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Service Delivery co-ordination Act471 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Revenue Administration Act357 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Public Appointments County Assembly Approval Act820 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Public Appointment Act397 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Liquor Licensing Act702 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Investment and Development Corporation Act749 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Inuka Fund Act354 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Finance Act1 MB
pdf 2016 TRC Early Childhood Education Act578 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Appropriation Act210 kB
pdf 2016 TRC Agriculture Development Act927 kB
pdf 2015 TRC Supplementary Appropriation Act101 kB
pdf 2015 TRC Flags and Emblems Act196 kB
pdf 2015 TRC Appropriation Act116 kB
pdf 2014 TRC Wrd Bursary Fund Act482 kB
pdf 2014 TRC Ward-Bursary Fund Administration Act151 kB
pdf 2014 TRC Ward Bursary Fund Act476 kB
pdf 2014 TRC Finance Act431 kB
pdf 2014 TRC Appropriation Act251 kB
pdf 2013 TRC Appropriation Act206 kB